BLFAQGot a question about Blodgett Landing? We love hearing from our neighbors! Here are a few of the more common questions we receive.

Are there any future plans to add a pool to Blodgett Landing?
This is the number one question we hear. We’ve been told that a pool would make Blodgett Landing, “a perfect camping experience.” Truth is, we are always looking at new ways to ‘plus’ our park, and give our neighbors at Blodgett Landing a more complete experience. However, at this time, there aren’t plans to add a pool.

Are there any future plans to add WiFi to Blodgett Landing?
Wifi is up and running. See manager for password.

Why can’t I book my stay at Blodgett Landing online?
When the Campground opened in 2004 we were a small, Village owned operation.  We still are. We shortsightedly didn’t see the need to offer online booking, but as we’ve grown, we’re finding out we were wrong. While we’re pleased to now offer the convenience of paying with a major credit card via PayPal, park management asks that you please phone 231-832-4410 for park inquiries and site availability.

I prefer a bed to a sleeping bag, and I don’t own an RV.  I still want to visit Blodgett Landing and Hersey, Michigan.  Why doesn’t Blodgett Landing offer accommodations for people like me?
Blodgett Landing has explored the idea of adding cabins to our property in the past. However, we’re finding that our neighbors are showing greater interest in full hook-up campsites as opposed to cabins. Right now, we’re currently exploring that option. Still, that doesn’t mean there won’t ever be cabins at Blodgett Landing, it just means there won’t be cabins in the foreseeable future.

I’ve never heard of Hersey, Michigan.  What’s there to do there?
“What isn’t there to do in Hersey, Michigan?” should be the question. Hersey is West Central Michigan’s diamond in the rough. It’s also the place to be if you’re a fisherman.  Both the Hersey and Muskegon Rivers are Michigan designated trout streams.  Additionally, the Muskegon has been ranked by Field and Stream as a top twenty river in the nation.  But the rivers of Hersey aren’t just an angler’s dream. If you enjoy tubing or kayaking, the Hersey and Muskegon Rivers are perfect for that too. Cycle enthusiests enjoy the Pere-Marquette Rails-to-Trails, which offer 27 miles of continuous paved biking trails. Best of all The Pere-Marquette is located only a half mile from Blodgett Landing!  Like to golf? Golfers will enjoy the links at Spring Valley Golf Course. In August, Hersey’s River Town Festival celebrates Hersey and its people with softball, a community flea market, live music and more! That’s not to mention the weekly Farmer’s Market at Mosaic Park or handmade crafts available at Crafters of the Loft at the Hersey Roller Mill.  There are countless other adventures awaiting you in Hersey, Michigan. The only limit to what you can do in Hersey is your imagination!

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